Crew: Rob Sanders

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yankeetattooz yankeetattooz

I grew up in South California. Later I moved to Arizona, where I learned about the art of tattooing. This was in 1992. I started on the kitchen table, this is was the first time that I experienced tattooing. A local shop owner saw my work and was intrested in me. I started working in his shop, I worked at his shop for several years. After a long time I moved to Holland and started my own shop, Yankee Tattooz. This happened in 2002. The shop was doing well and gave me the possibility to expand into a bigger space. Around that time my daughter, Apryl Triana, also started tattooing. She inspired me to keep up with the latest trends around tattooing. Through the years I learned different types of tattooing. My specialisms are Lettering and Maori Design.